15 Years in the Valley of Despair with God

These things I write in the fear of God, I believe unlimited, because only He knows that complicated that the witness is true.

I then write them for all our comrades in life , who have not passed where we have passed: pupils, students and workers, and for all the comrades who will come after us.

For such, I write for those who believe in God for the honest and the best single faith, as to know and to understand and they how much hatred, lies and brutality was and is capable of an ideology – communist ideology – coming not from men, but from the devil.

What can be opposed to love, truth , light and gentleness,

than hatred, lies, darkness and bestiality?

Communism there is only present Satan on p education. The communists have made their ideology a religion, which, in opposition to the Christian one, is the religion of hatred, lies and crime, elevated to the rank of “virtues”; and not be spread only through deceit, mistrust, terror and fear.

The plan spiritual purpose and tonsure is the dehumanization of man and the

material plan : misery, hunger and lack .

How else to explain so much hatred , bestiality, cynicism and sadistic pleasure of torturing and killing your fellow man ?

In communism, whether you like it or not, you only have to say and do what you are told. You don’t have to think, you don’t have to judge, will and freedom no longer exist. And, if not, to consolidate power are

prisons, gulags, lag has channels, deportations, obligatory residences and degradation, siluirea consciousness, loss of dignity human, robotics and directing all actions.

As was f acute communism God. And he who fell into the hands of this satanic dominion also lost his power of judgment and will and freedom, remaining not only with hunger and cold, not only with humility and lack of communication, but with squeaking and despair.

In Pitesti and Gherla, in unmasked countries, the man thus altered and degraded, tormented and tormenting his fellow man, came to shake his soul.

How you acted however complicated in this unmasking, created for disfigurement and perverting the will and the conception Christian about the world and life, and how vile human being, created in the image and likeness of God, are things that should be confessed. In fact, in the test man is known, in the test he degrades or is perfected.

Trying countries went through rehabilitation of young legionnaire in Pitesti and Gherla, however, are the largest and heaviest that the last movement Legionary, for the establishment of her until today.

After complicated as unique is the movement Legionary in history, unique is and this case. We young legionnaire, I have fought with men and weaknesses of our in these trials (Unmasking), but with people possessed, possessed the power of Satan upon us all hatred, cynicism and bestiality of which could prove.

The phenomenon Pitesti – Gherla there is only one out of joint but, in my view, is a mystical phenomenon, for that single battle took place there between those who serve God and those possessed by spirits of Satan.

M ărturisirile they did not claim a literary writings. They are broken pieces of the soul and conscience of young warriors, honest before God and honest with themselves; young people who have put all that had good in them in the service of the idea of justice, of freedom and of faith.

Aware of the mission of their historic complicated, they have served the nation and the Church of Christ against communism – the enemy of death of Christianity – to sacrifice supreme.

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