15 Years in the Valley of Despair with God

These things I write in the fear of God, I believe unlimited, because only He knows that complicated that the witness is true.

I then write them for all our comrades in life , who have not passed where we have passed: pupils, students and workers, and for all the comrades who will come after us.

For such, I write for those who believe in God for the honest and the best single faith, as to know and to understand and they how much hatred, lies and brutality was and is capable of an ideology – communist ideology – coming not from men, but from the devil.

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15 Years in the Valley of Despair with God

These things I write in the fear of God, I believe unlimited, because only He knows that complicated that
the witness is true.
I then write them for all our comrades in life , who have not passed where we have passed: pupils,
students and workers, and for all the comrades who will come after us.
For such, I write for those who believe in God for the honest and the best single faith, as to know and to
understand and they how much hatred, lies and brutality was and is capable of an ideology – communist
ideology – coming not from men, but from the devil.
What can be opposed to love, truth , light and gentleness,
than hatred, lies, darkness and bestiality?
Communism there is only present Satan on p education. The communists have made their ideology a
religion, which, in opposition to the Christian one, is the religion of hatred, lies and crime, elevated to
the rank of „virtues”; and not be spread only through deceit, mistrust, terror and fear.
The plan spiritual purpose and tonsure is the dehumanization of man and the
material plan : misery, hunger and lack .
How else to explain so much hatred , bestiality, cynicism and sadistic pleasure of torturing and killing
your fellow man ?
In communism, whether you like it or not, you only have to say and do what you are told. You don’t
have to think, you don’t have to judge, will and freedom no longer exist. And, if not, to consolidate
power are
prisons, gulags, lag has channels, deportations, obligatory residences and degradation, siluirea
consciousness, loss of dignity human, robotics and directing all actions.
As was f acute communism God. And he who fell into the hands of this satanic dominion also lost his
power of judgment and will and freedom, remaining not only with hunger and cold, not only with
humility and lack of communication, but with squeaking and despair.
In Pitesti and Gherla, in unmasked countries, the man thus altered and degraded, tormented and
tormenting his fellow man, came to shake his soul.
How you acted however complicated in this unmasking, created for disfigurement and perverting the
will and the conception Christian about the world and life, and how vile human being, created in the
image and likeness of God, are things that should be confessed. In fact, in the test man is known, in the
test he degrades or is perfected.
Trying countries went through rehabilitation of young legionnaire in Pitesti and Gherla, however, are the
largest and heaviest that the last movement Legionary, for the establishment of her until today.
After complicated as unique is the movement Legionary in history, unique is and this case. We young
legionnaire, I have fought with men and weaknesses of our in these trials (Unmasking), but with people
possessed, possessed the power of Satan upon us all hatred, cynicism and bestiality of which could
The phenomenon Pitesti – Gherla there is only one out of joint but, in my view, is a mystical
phenomenon, for that single battle took place there between those who serve God and those possessed
by spirits of Satan.
M ărturisirile they did not claim a literary writings. They are broken pieces of the soul and conscience of
young warriors, honest before God and honest with themselves; young people who have put all that had
good in them in the service of the idea of justice, of freedom and of faith.
Aware of the mission of their historic complicated, they have served the nation and the Church of Christ
against communism – the enemy of death of Christianity – to sacrifice supreme.
History does not record the single in its annals case of another youth, like youth Legionnaire, which
should be passed through prisons communist like those at Pitesti and Gherla.
In prisons and persecutions suffered by legionnaires in so-called democracy the Romanian complicated,
then under the dictatorship of Charles the II and Antonescu consciousness of suffering was not raped. In
the tortures and horrors that took place in Pitesti and Gherla, however, direct and methodical action
was taken on the tortured person, in order to first destroy his faith in God, and then his conception of
the world and life and his political convictions .
In these confessions I will not accuse any political prisoner. N have the authority, quality and the right to
do so as one who has gone through what I went through, but I will confess the facts as they have spent
with all the young legionnaires passed through Pitesti and Gherla.
I will m ărturisi my acts of heroism, but of others. It will ask those who will have the patience to read
these lines, of which not confess anything about other political youth groups that have passed through
Pitesti and Gherla. Here is the reason: I do not have the authority, the quality and the right to write and
talk about others, because if I did ( as others did, who did not even go through Pitesti and Gherla) I
would have to them blame on some to him apologize or to the bias on others confessions no longer
then made the fear of God. The other political categories of youth, who also passed through Pitesti and
Gherla, also have the final right to talk about what happened to them.
I do not speak only of comrades mine and for me and I like that
each s complicated talk about his.
I speak to you my for that single are legionnaire and they have been and are Legionnaires. The souls of
those who left us urged me to write, to write everything as it was – who initiated, who led, who are
guilty (who were convinced that they would not be held accountable for their actions ), who executed
the plan , who were the deceived and who were the victims of this unprecedented drama.
Dumitru Gh. Bordeianu
Melbourne, 26 Oct. 1989
The book’s harsh explanations
(Interview with Dumitru Bordeianu the magazine „Scale” gear to fourth)
An essential feature of the genesis of my Confessions is that I have never felt worthy, in relation to this
unprecedented drama, to write such a book. Immediately after the cessation of unmasking something
which was in my being I could always in conscience to question who will be in condition to write a
confession about this drama. And not just to write, but to get into the essence of this drama.
After the release, I read and read Dostoevsky’s Demons (Possessions) . The difference between
Possessed of Dostoevsky and possessed Pitesti / Gherla is that the former were in conditions of
freedom, and others were deprived of freedom and even of the May elementary living conditions. And
then they were subjected to unprecedented physical and moral torture.
After I related this drama to a great Romanian theologian (DP), he gave me the release, saying „Go and
read the lives of the Holy Fathers and then you will understand”. I read the Holy Fathers and then I
understood. I always understood that the one who is always able to write about this drama is Costache
Oprisan, but Costache Oprisan was killed in prison. Other features of the genesis of these confessions
are that I myself have lived this possession to the heights of despair. If humility is the opposite of pride
and if you experience one leads to the kingdom of heaven ( „Blessed are the poor in spirit because of
those is the kingdom of heaven”), and the other leads to hell, to see which is the reward. My
unworthiness (my humiliation) I was rewarded by God Join my destiny like me to choose and to get help
from those who have gone on there to write about this drama. My confessions describe a problem of
metaphysics. Who does not fight with metaphysics Christian and the Holy Fathers, you understand and
assimilate these confessions.
I try now to set out chronologically the genesis of this book. The first want to mention that wearing a
correspondent with Horia Sima, who I asked to write about the whole experience my in prison. But I had
thought of telling the Commander that I could not commit to such a thing. I mean, I was saying, you
can’t write anyway or in an uninspired way about the horrors that happened there, in Pitesti and Gherla.
Purely and simply I do not feel able.
How did it happen? Near the place where we stayed immediately I arrived in Australia, the g will take
advantage of a creek that I recognized him as soon as I saw – was the brook near which I dreamed alone,
writing, the time when I was still in the country , in Romania. And it appears in my consciousness: fasting
and prayer. I began to pray and to fast almost few weeks … I went in every morning on the bank of the
stream and day by day my light mind: to carry this film the events as if they had happened now.
Generally, when you write a book, you have an idea of what it will look like at the end; In this case, I
made no sketch or plan. And I started with the title: ” Confessions from the Swamp of Despair.” And the
first sentence is the very label of the book. It is a book of divine inspiration: I wrote what I was told to
write, what what I felt and what what I came in memory. In every day from morning until 9 o’clock and 3
o’clock afternoon, dictated all these facts, and my wife down on paper. The actual writing lasted from
February to December 1990; about 600 pages had been collected . But the final form is the published
one. To summarize, I am the confessor through whom all this was made known. Unlimited faith in God
makes anything possible. Petre Ţutea said that any culture that does not have theology in it does not
make money. Because there are books that have a human value , but from the point of view of God’s
confession they are null.
Where there is no temptation, there is no virtue, say the Holy Fathers. Christian virtue is tested only by
trial. It is no coincidence that God allowed communism in Russia. God did not allow communism to
appear in Germany or England. Just not happening in the world seen and unseen without knowledge,
tolerance and the will of God. Let’s not confuse the state policy of the Russians with
Russian Orthodoxy. And I am referring to the Slavic faith that moves only on these Christ coordinates .
Here in Russia are millions of martyrs, victims of Bolshevism. Here is an example told by Father Dimitrie
Bejan, who met the sole survivor of the massacre of 11,000 of monks at Oranki. Monks are is given
within three days to choose between communism and Christ. They decided in ten minutes. And then for
the one month their digging themselves holes, after which they were executed. And God wanted one to
escape by fleeing, to later meet Father Bejan and confess all this. Here is the divine economy. The
bishop said to those monks, “Brethren, the time has come for you to take the crown of martyrs; are you
with satan or with Christ? ” What faith did these people have ! Neither a deserter! I have seen with my
eyes my to bend Don, in time of war, as Russians dig in the earth icons hidden by anger communism and
wept for joy, kissing them.
Why did Father Arsenie Papacioc speak with admiration about the young people who faced the tanks
with empty breasts in December 1989? To the nations and peoples do not live by cowards. God did not
leave us even during Bolshevik rule. He who has not been in direct contact with God, in thought and in
heart, has done nothing. The vertical coordinate is God. Communism is only a prelude of his Antichrist.
For that to let God to come communism; and things were screened: to see who were the ones who do
not and have lost faith. Let us see the things of God ‘s love ; so much has God loved us and loves us, as
we cannot think with our minds. And he left us, that by these martyrs, let us be nation saved. In prison,
most have kept the faith; many may not have believed so much in God, but they were anti-communists.
Because happy people are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, that those is the kingdom of heaven.
I do not I want to single go again the country mine. I had occasion to go, then when I was young, the
army German in Orsova. Again, I had the opportunity, the more 1948 to flee from Romania. I arrived in
Australia driven by destiny. I understand destiny not as fatality or predestination or fate. Of course that
In eternity, he knows what is happening to us. But this is not predestination. Destiny is explained as
follows: what happens between me (the creature) and God (the Creator). I do not I can rebel, you have
this conscience. It is also a matter of common sense. For those who are unaware that God made them, it
is a special issue. But I, aware that I was created by God, not by nature, must willingly acknowledge and
submit to the Creator. Willingly, because he left me free. Satan keeps saying that he does not want to
serve Him .
We must consider our weakness and the power of God, but the moment I submit to God’s will, my
weakness is taken by the Creator on his shoulders . I just have to say:
„Be it to me according to your word .” This is the essence.
About West had by then a p Arera bad; in terms of faith, I was clear from Romania before emigrating.
Libertinism this promoted even by Catholics, who do not believe in Resurrection … Here in Australia,
that over all, the point of view of economic is very good for that god is their money.
At Pitesti everything has been perfect acute for legionnaires. So she has wanted God to the youth to go
through unprecedented drama. The Pitesti phenomenon is strictly related to the Legionary Movement .
In time surveys, those who did not were legionaries – very few – have been almost all of the Turcanu. The
struggle between good and evil began in Heaven when Satan rebelled against God. A believer becomes
spiritual and tends towards the likeness of God every day, it is a permanent ascent to God. He who
acknowledges God the Creator, worships Him, does His will and keeps His commandments, and is called
to the Kingdom of Heaven. The others, unbelievers and servants of satan, are still going down. How does
God allow this? Satan is allowed to go to the last step of wickedness – they will come Antichrist absolute
nullity. There God will end and the Judgment will come.
This book is not a book of legionary literature; of course it is written by a legionary, who lives
legionnaires. It ‘s not a book
The doctrine complicated Legion, but the experience of doctrine. The book explains a phenomenon that
belongs to the Legionary Movement and is addressed, first of all, to my comrades and those who want
to come.
It was more than a drama that happened in Pitesti – an extraordinary experiment, made by communists
and atheists. It is not very convenient for the latter to know what happened. Because, you can imagine,
without this Pitesti we would still be in prison, because none of us would have given up. No one could
shake us. They started the experiment, but not directly to hand them but ovreieste, pushing them on
others to do. Of course that does not have known of the first result: how many will go crazy, how many
will last, how much it will kill etc. Because it ‘s about the soul. There were six individuals, six
executioners, who accepted and started everything. Neither he knew what Ţurcanu result to be
reached. The executioners large have been nelegionari: Iordăchescu, Dobos, Leonida, and others. They
were 10%, and we were 90%. All these criminals have acted by torture physical to the soul. Reeducation of was prepared for occult (Moscow, Romanian and international) to young legionnaire. Horia
Sima said that the destruction of nursery – Brotherhood of the Cross – from where came the elite Legion,
has been one of the objectives of the assassins of the Pitesti. For the essence of communism is as
follows: the destruction of the heart of man the idea of God, when man becomes a leaf carried by the
wind, and Satan you go where you want it. Terror has been both a frightening because he made us and
through us. When your enemy comes , you fight with him, according to your strength. But not here,
because you, my brother, come to me and beat me. It was only the Christian martyrs and the enemy –
they were not tortured by Christians. In our case, it was not just a denial of faith, but the fact that your
brother acted against you. Well, here talking to you and you tomorrow I kill on me I that I we put life for
you. Here is the metaphysical aspect of the problem. That was the big test. The one who was confused
for a moment Satan entered. God allows temptation, but the devil cannot tempt you more than God has
given you the strength to resist. God knows our power.
Being tortured, I could say that I was no longer a legionnaire, but I remained. But in what that looks faith
not only that you say that
not May you, but had to single one and prove, killing your neighbor without mercy. But how to kill your
brother when he cries out in pain! I also renounced the Legionary Movement, but Horia Sima did not tell
me that I was no longer a legionary. This was the conjuncture. In an agony of time and without
perspective I resisted as I could. Each soul withstood the temperature at which it melted. I said no more
praying. So I broke off, broke the thread. I should have tried to resist longer. And here’s the possession.
God let me work. Had I had all this Earth for 1000 years, but with the state of mind of that time, with the
fear of the unknown, the fear of not going mad, I would have refused everything for peace of mind. I’ve
been working for four years . I couldn’t cry anymore – this is hardening: breaking with God followed by
I knew the terror of communism; I felt water all Asari terror when freedom has been abolished. In prison
you were chained; freedom was annulled in all respects. It followed not only the destruction of the
Legionary Movement as a political party, but they used a method that probably will repeat. It happened
because, as we know, wars were fought with young people. You don’t take the young man so easily,
because he is not so full of sins. To such young people, Ţurcanu made a kind of personal files that
contained details of what each one said, what he lied about, how he behaved in certain given situations .
Yes, Satan is very clever and those that we serve them slip this satanic intelligent, they used it and when
you have put in Pitesti experiment. And it’s not brainwashing, but satanic possession that turns people
into true robots, as in America or as here in Australia.
There, in prison, sat the spirit of Satan – there were thousands of demons floating in the air; your
memory was stimulated by a negative inspiration and you remembered everything from when you were
a child. In the Christian world , those who blaspheme God, knowing God and the Church, are apostates.
Turcanu accepted everything he did, knowing what he was doing.
In which the m complicated terms, mistake me, on that one and a recognized and
the judgment of then is that complicated I said publicly that not I May please. And from
at that moment I no longer prayed, keeping my connection with the Creator. My angel did not turn away
from me, although the one who ruled me was the spirit of Satan, which manifested itself by instilling in
my soul that indescribable metaphysical fear . If anyone mentioned the devil to me then, I was horrified.
At the same, whether it was about the epilepsy. I was really afraid of Turcan, but fear of the not crazy in
because of torture. After two years I started again to me please, but it was as if nothing: do not feel
anything. It was just empty words – a mechanical prayer . And that tortured me the most . A year of days
I was tortured by my own statement, as they no longer believe in God. And that until Jimboiu I met this
man who lived in a state of holiness – an angel with a human face, which made me not it can look into
their eyes.
Life was impossible for me until Easter 1954, when God’s mercy intervened. That night, at the point of
patience, in my despair, I felt the torture of a piece of hell. I said, God, I can’t. Do with me what you
want! And the time when I heard bells pounding, I fell to my knees and started crying, asking God’s
forgiveness. And from that moment I was a different man. God did this miracle with me. I felt
organically, physically, how a force – the power of satan – came out of me. I cried for an hour without
interruption. I was so the exhausted physically, but happy! It was the happiness of my resurrection in
faith. It was as if I had defeated all hell. The remaining years of imprisonment, between 1954 and 1963,
when I got out of there, were a breeze, with all the misfortunes I endured: cold, hunger and isolation.
The living outside were no longer interested in me. I personally broke it with the outside world; I didn’t
think about it anymore, so I could adjust to life in prison. They, the torturers, were no longer aware of
the evil they were doing. They were so possessed that they were no longer interested in anything , only
to get out of prison and to reach a high position, in the Central Committee or in the Security, as a reward
from the master for
„Work” submitted . They executed the orders of the master, not to put the question as to not kill. For
example , Deac, the boxer, was giving you the coup de grace by crushing your liver. He and others like
Leonidas and Costachescu, were ways in which in the May harsh, with as
our resistance and perseverance were greater. Some of them committed suicide after being released
from prison. Mercy and love no longer worked for them . It was just hatred – the last expression of
hatred – and pride.
The most impressive thing, since the beginning of my imprisonment , has been our cohesion. Personally
I attached my brothers of suffering – and not just the legionnaires – that of those who were opposed to
communism. Many of those in prison were like angels. The one that impressed me the most was
Constantin Oprisan. I stayed in the same cell for a year. He was a man of extraordinary complexity,
mastering various fields, from music, art to mathematics and philosophy. By nature he was very
affectionate, living everything to the fullest. It was subjected to the May great agony, not other more
tortured him; he fought for every young legionary, with an unparalleled heroism of endurance.
A further Tân er, I had the opportunity just to see, was Valeriu Gafencu, called „St. prisons”. This man, in
Târgu Ocna, looked into the eyes of the criminals and made them lambs. And they were the biggest
rumors; even the prison warden could not look him in the eye. He influenced his warm soul so much
that whoever knew him was completely transformed .
I met Jimboiu, a faithful student of Gafencu. He always said the prayer of living solely on coordinates
love girl the other. It was of a kindness and serenity extraordinary; you heard not a single word of
revenge and hatred from him. An angel in the body. I witnessed once the extraction of tooth, without
anesthetic, made to Jimboiu. This dental procedure lasted a long time , but he did not make a sound and
did not make a gesture of pain.
I was also very impressed by Badea Trifan, who was the prefect of Brasov. He was a man of a good
HEALTH and a peace of mind rarely encountered, which have already 22 of years of imprisonment made.
During Passion Week he wept, and streams of tears flowed continually until the night of the
Resurrection. 2000 years had passed, and he wept as the myrrh-bearers and His Mother wept then.
I knew Prince Alexandru Ghica well, sitting with him in the same cell . He, too, was a true Christian, living
his faith of a rare intensity. I can also list Gioga Parizianu (who was tortured being kept in an oven at 70
degrees Celsius), Mircea Nicolau, Berzea, Petrascu and many others who also became priests when they
were released from prison. I met some of them again when I was recently in Romania. All these people
are a tremendous moral value, entering with safety in heritage this moral and the suffering people.
In Romania I met many young people, on various occasions (interviews, circles); I can say that I lived
extraordinarily happy moments . I could see I wasn’t talking in the desert. They were students from all
faculties – honest young people, attracted by the faith. I attended a meeting of SCARA magazine, which
was attended by about twenty young people, and I was invited to speak to them. I was very excited, a
state of mind that was transmitted, I think, to the participants.
God does not leave this nation; the person who will restore the Legionary Movement must appear. „One
man and one nation are man and nation as they understood from the Gospel” – said Mehedinti.
It is clear that the revival of Romania is the return to the Church of God. This phenomenon has begun;
those chosen in this nation will return to God and His Church and live the love He has instilled in us not
only to our friends, but also to our enemies. Churches are full of young people wherever I have been.
God will not lose this nation. He will have mercy on them. So not the economic reforms, but the faith of
the Romanian people will get the country out of the slump in which it finds itself.
swamp dispersing country 17
The author of this book, From the Swamp of Despair , Mr. Bordeianu Gh. Dumitru, asked me to write the
preface of his work .
I did not dare to fulfill his wish, out of a feeling of great humility. How can I sit my name at the head of a
book that I shuddered with horror the events on which it says?
I went through a lot and I try country and many of my comrades fighting in camps and prisons have
suffered under the communist regime, but the drama of the Pitesti surpasses all imagination. Only
satanized souls , only minds perverted by the powers of evil, only the instruments of hell could imagine
and implement this series of horrors. China’s human creature, to the extent they do not have a choice,
except to perish in the Holocaust suffering or assimilate conception of the process of destruction of the
human person, made after the image and likeness of God, is a fact of unmanageable.
Dumitru Bordeianu is one of the survivors of Pitesti. What he writes is not something heard from the
mouths of others, but his own testimony, from the swamp of despair, as he himself calls this terrible
suffering. Other authors have also written works about Pitesti, but almost all of them are written from
hearsay, from what they caught from the mouths of others. Without them deny value, but so far I have
held in my hand a book to confide people our what was happening really in Pitesti. „Not to fable”, as the
author puts it, but to shout from your flesh and blood the torments you endured, is a testimony without
the right of reply. Bordeianu Dumitru is a confessor of the truth, of what actually and horribly happened
within the walls of this factory of physical and moral death .
Dumitru Bordeianu also rectifies another information, disseminated by certain authors or journalists,
which states that the plague in Pitesti was directed by the communist regime against the Romanian
youth in general or against the Romanian students , considered as a body in itself. In fact, after such
testifies by these shocking revelations, fury communist was directed prevailing against young
legionnaire in schools and universities.
The murderous predilection of the shadow leaders of this plan fell even harder on the cohorts of the
crusading brothers of the last years of the upper classes.
These heads demonic have set as objective and complicated destroy blanket base from which recruited
members of the Legion. Once the healing springs of the Movement are exhausted, the Movement itself
will disappear. This explains why in prison Pitesti applied toughest and inhuman detention in Romania,
of which there was another exit for those imprisoned than death on the stake torment or acceptance of
the torture, by the same methods on own their brothers.
Dumitru Bordeianu is not one of those who would like to raise a pedestal from the sufferings of others.
He his recognized their ‘s weaknesses. And he fell into the swamp of despair, suffering moral defeats .
How uplifting is his example! As the Captain said, „You were wrong, you pay and go ahead with a clean
face .”
We signed our worship with reverence in front of the memory of what they preferred death than
degradation of human, but to have proper understanding and for those who tried to save her, asking
price of arduous after weeks and months on end were subjected to more terrible tortures.
Horia Sima
December 10, 1992
swamp desperate country 19
In the fall of 1946, I was in Iasi, College student ATIII of Medicine, when I started work in the Corps
Student Legionnaire (CSL) of the University of Iasi, having as chief on Dumitru Moisiu.
Within a few days I had met all the comrades I had to work with.
I will not describe what my activity was until the date of my arrest. Each legionnaire know what activities
Legion – links, information sessions, discipline, training, courage – all means of actually fighting, without
any a compromise, against everything that’s bad.
On the night of 14 on May 15, 1948 began arrested countries the majority of Legionaries, known by
police to Antonescu. I escaped this arrest because I was not searched in Iasi, where they did not know
my address, but at my parents’ house , where I was searched by the police in Fălticeni. And the police
who wanted to be put right and the new social order – the communists – they dealt with my parents in
the most ordinary way, bruscându her, intimidating her and telling her mother my that I kiss dead.
After complicated this time I left Iasi (we were in session of
exams) and I temporarily hid with the family of some friends.
Returning m , then in Iasi, so I say some exams in college, a high school classmate and class, who lived in
the same yard with me, he denounced safety.
So that complicated, in the morning the day of December June 1948 I was arrested two commissioners
(chief commissioner Ciochină, that we stayed later in prison), a Commissioner aid and a sergeant of the
street, armed with a gun submachine . These policemen looked for me, around midnight, at the host
where I lived, on Săulescu street no. 18. Here they intimidated and threatened my three brothers with a
gun to tell them where I was hiding. After about an hour of threats with gun, brother of the May low,
Constantin, only 11 years old, told them where I was, thinking he would shoot him if he didn’t tell me
where I was hiding.
Immediately afterwards, the police arrested all three and came with them to the house where I was
hiding. There a policeman was guarding them in the street, with an automatic weapon , and two
commissioners entered the yard, pistols in hand. The boss shouted at the window not to try to run
away, because the three brothers were arrested under guard in the street . Then I thought of my mother
and surrendered.
There are moments you experience only once in your life. I still remember the pain that the youngest
brother, Constantine, didn ‘ to have eye contact.
In the face of this spectacle, which I could no longer bear, I asked the commissioners, because they
found me and arrested me, to let the brothers go home, because they do not know me. activity. At my
insistence they let him go home Michael and the Constantin, but the Alexander the May high of
brothers, they detained me. During the search of the host, they found some poems written in green ink.
From the place where they arrested me, Florilor street no. 2, close to the Râpa Galbenă student
dormitory, to the Sigurantei building, on Copou street , it was not far. It was daytime and they didn’t tie
me up – people saw me – but I was walking between the two commissioners (I was told not to make any
move or attempt to flee, because I would be shot on the spot). When we arrived at the Security, they
released us in the lobby of the building, at the entrance. There were many detainees in the hall and they
were constantly arriving. I had the opportunity, in this short time, to exchange a few words with my
brother, Alexandru. I told him to be strong and if interrogated and beaten to resist, because, otherwise,
is likely to remain in prison. I May added to and say mother to me forgive, and that would be to not I
May see again (this happened and she died in 1962 after collectivisation).
Meanwhile, a policeman comes, takes our shoelaces and straps. My brother, wondering, I beckon
wondering m complicated that means that, in that they respond that it is part of prison rules. In a
moment of police inattention, …

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