#Anime from #Akira to princess mononoke (Japanese #manga, anime & film culture Book 1)

THERE ARE MANY ANSWERS to the question that titles this chapter, as
the rest of this introduction will demonstrate, but for now it is worth
exploring the question itself. Japanese animation, or “anime,” as it is
now usually referred to in both Japan and the West, is a phenomenon
of popular culture. This means that much (some would argue most)
of its products are short-lived, rising and falling due to popular taste
and the demands of the hungry market place. Can or even should
anime be taken as seriously as the extraordinary range of high
cultural artifacts, from woodblock prints to haiku, that Japanese
culture is famous for? Can or should anime be seen as an “art,” or
should it only be analyzed as a sociological phenomenon, a key to
understanding some of the current concerns abounding in presentday Japanese society?

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