Personal Update – Ugh :(

So to carry on from my last post about the long weekend, well, I did have a hectic long weekend that ended up with me having one of the worst migraine’s I’ve had in a long time. I sometimes get horrible migraine attacks where a migraine will disappear then return twice as bad as before. In the middle of that, I then had a tension headache which was even more painful, so as you can imagine, IT sucked

To top off my awesome weekend, I went to the GP yesterday and was tested for hypertension (high blood pressure), and my doctor is now monitoring my blood pressure to make sure I don’t become really unwell. If you have high blood pressure, it can lead to strokes, heart attacks and death if not kept in check. There could be many reasons why my blood pressure measured unusually high as stress can trigger it (quite a few things can raise your blood pressure sometimes without you even realising, such as coffee, any drinks with caffeine in them, smoking, to name a couple). Hopefully, my blood pressure will be lower the next time I get checked by my GP…

So I am at home today when I should have returned to work feeling a little worried and concerned. The good news is that I can totally turn this around with help and advice from my doctor, which I totally intend to do!

I am about to do something very relaxing and not think about anything but taking it easy for now and chilling out. I will update you all on how things go once I’ve been back to my doctor for my next check up.

I hope you all had a much better weekend than I did (not that hard, lol), and I look forward to reading your updates! Hit me up in the comments, friends!

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