Real Events Between Heaven and Hell – A theological analysis

“On June 20, 1934, (Wednesday) after visiting with the churchmembers, I came home at sunset. I felt tired all of a sudden and,immediately after supper, I went to bed. It was about half pastseven.

I slept about half an hour and while my eyes were yet closed,I felt that a great light was shining all around me. I thought it mightbe because my wife was carrying a light into my bedroom, as sheoften did. But, as my eyes opened, I saw a blinding light, much like avery bright Coleman lamp, approaching close to me.

Immediately, Icalled out to my wife in the next room: “Very great light! Very greatlight!” Scarcely had I uttered the words, when I beheld a handsomeyoung man wearing a white one-piece robe. His hands hung by his side and a smile was upon his face. Again I called out: “Angel!Angel!”

When my wife heard this, she dared not enter the room butsaid, “Get up and light the lamp! Get up and light the lamp!” But atthe sight of the angel, I was so frightened that my limbs felt soft andsore and I could not move. “

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