The Last Steps of Humanity: A contemporary analysis from scientific and theological perspectives of the end of this world.

“The boundary between natural and synthetic is blurring, becoming more and more arbitrary. Human nature is redefined, twisted into an artificial “nature”, technologically made and “legitimized” by the media. The human face becomes a caricature that defies its divine model. The only universal law becomes unlimited hedonism, which transforms man into an aggregate without memory and without identity, another from one moment to the next. His definition is reduced to a continuous succession of experiences, without the need or possibility to maintain a stable “self” or “personality.” Man becomes a flow of feelings and experiences, without a past and open to any future. Even his biological data become private “options”, subject to the same arbitrary choices dictated by passions.

As Marcuse anticipated, ecstasy (erotic), not the person, is what becomes the substratum of identity, in a world where technological evolution induces a permanent change and, consequently, the inevitable risk of alienation. Existence is no longer governed by any principle, except that of absolute subjectivism. Anarchy and irresponsibility are implicit. Radical transience, as the only undisputed reality, abolishes traditional ethical norms. Ethics is replaced by aesthetics, in turn governed by completely relative norms, ranging from sordid to grotesque and monstrous. Existence ceases to be subject to rationality, decency or common sense, the dramatic alterations of biology and psychology having shocking implications.

In the end, the ontological itself is altered. For will man be able to live thus? And how? Yes, with one condition: to stop being human. But this is what is also wanted: the creation of a “new man”, totally dehumanized, infinitely malleable and perfectly obedient. Precisely by virtue of his illusion that he would be the one who chooses permanently, he will in reality be the one who never chooses. Yes, he will be able to choose “gender and partners”, as he chooses TV channels with remote control. But in fact his passions will choose for him. Through them, he will thus always be at the mercy of demon-induced choices. This is the future prepared for man in post-Christian society by political correctness: an inconsistent and ultimately non-existent man, the epitome of a nightmare utopia.”

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