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On October 5, 2021, Roman Baber will introduce and move his Jobs & Jabs Bill, for passing by the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. If passed, the Jobs & Jabs Bill will prevent employers from firing or penalizing employees because of their vaccination status or for refusing to disclose their vaccination status.

We need to put enormous pressure on the Doug Ford Government to pass Roman’s or a similar Bill to protect hundreds of thousands of working Ontarians from losing their jobs because of their personal choice.

Help Roman to grow our numbers and apply pressure on Doug Ford by filling out the Petition: “Choice Shouldn’t lead to unemployment: Pass the Jobs & Jabs Act, 2021, now!” and share it with your network asap.


Choice shouldn’t lead to unemployment: Pass the Jobs & Jabs Act, 2021, now!



WHEREAS the Covid-19 Pandemic and the Doug Ford Lockdowns caused an unprecedented hardship to millions of working Ontarians;

WHEREAS over the next few weeks and months, countless Ontarians will lose their jobs because of a personal choice;


WHEREAS most Ontarians and all Recognized Parties agree that vaccination is a choice;


WHEREAS employers should be encouraged to accommodate employees;


WHEREAS no Ontarian should lose his or her job because of a personal health choice;

Sal, [Sep 24, 2021 at 9:58 AM] ATTENTION EVERYONE!!!!! Matt Hallewick and I had a phone call today and he will be attending this and we need your signatures and SHARE! Message directly from Matt: We had a meeting with Roman Barber today. He is putting forth legislation Oct 4th that directly addresses forced/coerced vaccination using employment as leverage. We will be by his side at Queens Park and will address the policy makers directly. We are asking for your support…..we need your community to sign the attached position…..if we have 1000000 signatures by the 4th it will drive it to a vote and force them to face Canadians if they decline. Ask every one of your group member to find 10 people and blast it across the web.

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