#Theory of #Knowledge #Kindle Edition

But we are, after all, caught up in this mess of existence, and we cannot really ignore what is required of us. Once a reality has been created, you cannot order them to step aside. You can put yourself at most, insofar as you are not reality, but you cannot remove reality.
And then, it is obvious that today in philosophy we judge, apart from the personal element and the element of reality itself, with a third element, which is exactly what has been said so far. Today, frankly, we can’t even do like Pascal or Descartes (let us be told that we do literature, which wouldn’t be exactly a hard-to-bear reproach), but for our personal use, the problem is thus changed, our working tools are so modified that, if we did philosophy as in Pascal’s time, we would, of course, have no success. Why? Because we would simply speak a different language than the one that the specialists speak.
Have you opened any history of philosophy where to see Pascal? Does not exist! Have you opened any history of philosophy where to find Goethe? There is no such thing! Why? They weren’t doctors!

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