These are the 25 small and midsize companies where employees are happiest

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Job seekers may want to know how happy employees are at a company they’re considering.
Comparably just published its annual ranking of the happiest employees.
Here are the small and midsize companies with the happiest employees, according to Comparably.
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25. EQRx

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts 

Industry: Pharmaceutical healthcare

Employee quote: „I love my job and I am doing exactly what I want in my career with the best team I could ever imagine working with.”

24. Sila Nanotechnologies

Location: Alameda, California

Industry: Electronic manufacturing

Employee quote: „I’ve been able to grow because of mentorship from my colleagues and managers, and I’m humbled that leadership trusts me to do a good job.”

23. Lunchbox

Location: New York, New York

Industry: SaaS

Employee quote: „The product is very fun to sell. When you know the product is as amazing as we say it is, you can go into every meeting with visible confidence.”

22. Globality

Location: Palo Alto, California

Industry: Enterprise applications

Employee quote: „The core software engineering problems we work to solve keep me happy and engaged.”

21. BigID

Location: New York, New York

Industry: Network security

Employee quote: „I love my co-workers, the culture, and my day to day activity. I love to win, and working at BigID is all about winning!”

20. Theorem

Location: Woodland Hills, California

Industry: Information technology and services

Employee quote: „When the team is working together effectively and I can tell that everyone is getting to utilize their best talents, I’m happy. I also really enjoy turning problems into solutions, which we get to do every day.”

19. The Change Company

Location: Irvine, California

Industry: Banking

Employee quote: „I’m hopefully making a difference in someone’s life. I would like to think that I’m being happiness to a family at the end of each transaction.”

18. Stack Overflow

Location: New York, New York

Industry: Internet

Employee quote: „I enjoy that I have direct access to leadership, and that nearly all my work is seen by leadership. My work very clearly makes an impact and is taken seriously by the C-suite.”

17. Immersive Labs

Location: Boston, Massachusetts 

Industry: Cybersecurity

Employee quote: „I get to work on challenging problems and have a lot of ownership and responsibility on my projects. It’s a great balance of executing my role and continuously learning new things.”


Location: San Francisco, California

Industry: Recruiting

Employee quote: „I like creating new things: projects, systems, processes to make the team’s life a little easier.”

15. Deem

Location: Oakland, California

Industry: Business travel

Employee quote: „I love our team and the ability to collaborate with so many talented people every day. This has been my dream job!”


Location: San Francisco, California

Industry: AI/enterprise software

Employee quote: „The pace suits me. I feel as though I am challenged, but not to the point where I am exhausted at the end of the day. I look forward to starting fresh every day.”

13. Nature’s Sunshine Products

Location: Lehi, Utah

Industry: Consumer goods

Employee quote: „I am trusted to do my job, and I enjoy the freedom that comes with being treated like an adult as opposed to the environment at my last company.”

12. Salsify

Location: Boston, Massachusetts 

Industry: Analytics software

Employee quote: „The people are top-notch. Beyond that, professional development, and the feeling that I’m going somewhere — not stagnating.”

11. Namely

Location: New York, New York

Industry: HR software

Employee quote: „The work I am doing is something that can actually be utilized by our clients. I love feeling like my work means something and is going somewhere positive.”

10. Civic Financial Services

Location: Redondo Beach, California

Industry: Financial services

Employee quote: „I like to contribute to team (company) goals and have participation in overall success. I am happy at work when I feel like I’ve made a difference.”

9. Nylas

Location: San Francisco, California

Industry: Computer software

Employee quote: „It’s just so much fun to work here. We have some really hard work to get done but everyone is willing, energetic, and supportive.”

8. Ordermark

Location: Los Angeles, California

Industry: Food tech

Employee quote: „I get to help restaurants navigate these strange times and build something better with all of my awesome coworkers.”

7. Mixpanel

Location: San Francisco, California

Industry: Data analytics

Employee quote: „I love the ‘wow’ moments for customers like, ‘OMG I didn’t know you could do that!’ or ‘I’ve been trying to figure that out for weeks, this feature fixes this.'”

6. Verisys Corporation

Location: Alexandria, Virginia

Industry: Information technology and services

Employee quote: „Whether it’s finishing an awesome new tool, or success with a client, I’m happy when we succeed as a group.”

5. Fetch Rewards

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Industry: E-commerce/loyalty program

Employee quote: „The amount of creative freedom to explore ideas or anything else is unparalleled and I feel like my motivation and happiness are at an all-time high while developing skills I otherwise would not have much chance.”

4. GoodRx

Location: Santa Monica, California

Industry: Pharmaceutical healthcare

Employee quote:„So glad I get to build a product that helps so many Americans save money in an industry that can bankrupt people just for being sick.”

3. Alida

Location: Toronto, Canada

Industry: Computer software

Employee quote: „I love the ability to work with endless amounts of world-renowned brands, as well as companies who will shape the future of technology and customer experiences for millions of people.”

2. Pipefy

Location: San Francisco, California

Industry: SaaS

Employee quote: „I feel everyone respects me here. They really listen to me and consider my ideas. I feel challenged in a good way. It’s a place that inspires me to give my best, not a place that scares me or pushes me to become someone else.”

1. Eargo

Location: San Jose, California

Industry: E-commerce

Employee quote: „Flexibility with my schedule and being able to help people hear better and improve the quality of their lives make me really happy.”

Here’s the full list of small and midsize companies:

How Comparably came up with this ranking

Before accepting a new job offer, it might be important to know that current employees enjoy working there. Workplace culture and career site Comparably publishes multiple rankings each year, from highly ranked CEOs to companies with the best career growth. The newest list is all about where employees are the happiest based on things like benefits and job satisfaction.

„In our annual analysis of where the happiest employees are, Comparably looks at a combination of metrics that contribute to happiness at work, from fair pay, benefits and clear goals to excitement for the company and the work itself,” Comparably CEO Jason Nazar said in a press release shared with Insider. „Despite the challenges of the past year-and-a-half, the top-rated companies on the list succeed at meeting the needs of their workers across these important factors.”

The above list are the companies with 500 or fewer employees with the happiest employees based on anonymous ratings. Ratings were collected from September 17, 2020 through September 17, 2021. 

All information, including industry categories and anonymous employee quotes, were shared with Insider from Comparably. The full list, as well as the ranking for large companies, can be found on Comparably here.

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