What is the Illuminati? What is Zon?

What is the Illuminati? What is Zon? (Conspiracy Theories Book 1) 

What is the Illuminati? What is Zon? (Conspiracy Theories Book 1). Ever hear of the Illuminati? For the past two centuries, they have been condemned by nationalistic governments and mystical religions.

How about the Bilderbergers, the Club of Rome, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission?

They are semi-secret organizations that for the past several decades have been linked to one-world conspiracy theories. Consider the controlling influences behind those worldwide organizations — businessmen, such as today’s quiet businessman David Rockefeller. He, for example, is seldom seen or mentioned in the mainstream media.

But, he is hysterically attacked as the epitome of evil by the ultra-conservative media, the nationalistic-populist media, and the religious-right media. Yet, David Rockefeller is among the world’s most moral, clear-thinking, responsible people.

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